Monopoly Cahoots is an unofficial expansion to the clasic board game Monopoly.
Work together to build the ultimate destination.

Who's Playing?

During beta, Monopoly Cahoots has some customizable aspects that change the game. Feel free to start your game with the preset values, or change things up and try it out.

Upper bound of each round's tourist increase. I.E. Tourists increase from round 1 to two at a random number between 0 and this number.

Multiply the upper bound number (above) by this number to get the per-round increases to the upper bound.

Each tourist type starts with a random number between 1 and this number.

The lower bound for starting unlock number.

The upper bound for starting unlock number.

Multiplyer for how much the unlock number increases each turn.

This number indicates how many visitors you need to win the game.

This number indicates how many beds each property's capacity.

This number indicates how much it costs to reach a tourist. $x per 1 tourist