FREE and premium personal budget spreadsheet templates for multiple users on multiple devices.

These spreadsheet templates makes budgeting easy and flexible.

I've tried Mint, Quicken, Money and many other solutions to manage my personal budget...They were all either too expensive, full of ads or too restrictive. So, I built my own.

Personal Budgeting - Simple & Flexible

A spreadsheet gives you flexibility and simplicity with multiple users. Now my wife and I are on the same page with our spending.

Budgeting Zen In 3 Steps

Step 1) Estimate Income & Expenses

It's ok if your estimates are off. You'll improve over time. Simply having a plan for your money is the most important and surprisingly simple first step to gaining control of your finances.

Read More on Budgeting Basics

Step 2) Record Transactions

This takes work, but very few people can build wealth without effort. Fill in the details when you are in line or while you're pumping gas. Then just put in the amount.

If you're entering every transaction, discrepancies will be meaningful when you reconcile with your bank.

Step 3) Reconcile Each Month

See how you did and make sure there are no fraudulent transactions.

With your bank statement in hand, add the statement date, credits/debits/payments in the Accts tab.

Then, on the Reconciling tab, select which account you want to reconcile.

Lastly, mark each transaction from your statement until you are balanced.

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Why Analyze Cash Flow?

Cash Flow just means having a financial plan. That way you avoid surprises and costly overdraft fees.

Learn About Cash Flow

Does It Download Transactions?

No. If you are like me, automatically downloading transactions gave me less insight to my spending.

See Why Automation Is Not Always Best

How To Budget

Ad executives love when you don't have a budget. Not knowing where to start, puts us right in their hands.

Simple Steps To Start a Budget

What's The Difference Between The Free Spreadsheet & The Paid One?

The Free Budget Spreadsheet Template is kind of like when a pet store let's you take a puppy home for a night. Some people know right away, they are not puppy people. Others fall in love and the dog changes their life.

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The Free Personal Budget Spreadsheet Template is 100% FREE, 100% useable and 100% yours. You are free to use or modify as you need. Really there is no downside!

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Advanced Budget Template

This premium budget spreadsheet template has the same intuitive design as the free one, but with the functionality to project monthly income and expenses. Easily avoid costly pitfalls with an annual plan.

This budget also assists you with account reconciliations, graphs, spending categories but probably the most important upgrade is having the history picture of your budget. You don't have to recreate your personal budget over and over each month.

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Extraordinary Essentials

Get your family on the same page with the right tools.

Monthly & Yearly Budgeting


Cashflow Projections

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Spending Analysis By Category

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