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I've tried Mint, Quicken, YNAB and many other solutions to manage my personal budget...They were all either too expensive, full of ads or too restrictive.

The beauty of this spreadsheet template is it's simplicity.

Version 1 was a great success at helping people manage the family budget.

Version 2.0 launches ahead in ease of use, simplicity and horsepower.

Simple = Usable

If it is hard to use, it won't work. I designed this with busy people mind who don't live and breath spreadsheets.

Control of your Money In 3 Steps

1) Estimate Income & Expenses

It's ok if your estimates are off. Simply having a plan for your money is the most important and surprisingly simple first step to gaining control of your finances.

Read More on Budget Basics

2) Easily Check Budget Categories & Record Transactions

This takes work, but who can build wealth without effort? Fill in the details when you are in line or pumping gas.

Entering every transaction recreates some "payment pain" (See this interesting Psychology Today Articl).

3) Reconcile Each Month

I don't know of any other spreadsheet that makes it so easy to reconcile each month.

Easily find transactions and mark them cleared on one sheet.

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No monthly fees. No annoying ads. Why not have total control of your money tool?

Does It Download Transactions?

No. But there is a very good reason for that. Manually entering transactions helps prevent fraud and re-introduces some payment pain (See this interesting Psychology Today Articl) helping you keep more of your money.

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How To Budget

Ad executives love when you don't have a budget. Not knowing where to start, puts us right in their hands.

Simple Steps To Start a Budget

All the Essentials

Get your family on the same page with the right tools.

Monthly & Yearly Budgeting

Avoid Surprises

Learn About Cash Flow


Get everyone on the same page

See Where Your money Is Going

See the Charts

How To: Monthly Reconciliation

How to Reconcile with Bank Statement

Transfer Money Between Accounts

How to Record Account Transfers

Create Reoccurring Expenses

Easily Access on All Devices

JUST $36 $19 through the end of the year. TO CONTROL YOUR MONEY

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